In the same way the story develops over time, raised to the rank of told time; the building unfolds and stands in space, transformed into built space.
Paul Ricoeur

Series 1:100
About the bed, and its spaces (2020)

How the lockdown is effecting domestic spaces? A forthcoming publication.

Series 1:100
A Room of one’s own (2020)

As a designer, what will be the most important tool of the new homescape?

Series 1:100
A flat with a view (2020)

An interior design project for a flat on the Orta’s Lake, in Italy.

Series 1:100
Perec (2019)

A 3D printed vase, for two souls.

Series 1:100
Architecture in sequence (2018)

Why arrange a long, narrow, dark corridor before a large, bright, circular room? How to induce movement along a precise path?A book that traces architectural theories and projects related to the concept of sequences as design method to arrange spaces.

Series 1:1000
Industryscape (2018)

What is the future of large-scale factories? How they affect the landscape, how the people? A book that explores memory and narrative as design tools for regenerating industrial areas, using the steel mill Arcelor-Mittal in Taranto [former ILVA] as main case study.

Series 1:1000
One day, Piri Reis in Milano (2018)

First Prize as Best Young Critic of Architecture (PresS/Tletter 2018)

Series 1:10
Behind the curtain (2014)

First Prize as Best Young Critic of Architecture (PresS/Tletter 2014)